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Hello and welcome to my site.


news i am terribly sorry but we no longer supply poultry saddles, if someone is interested in taking over the business then please e-mail me. it is a very good little earner, but due to other work commitments i can no longer continue making them.

I am the maker of all kinds of poultry saddles!

I found a need for these saddles when our Buff Orpington hens started to be plucked bare by the cockerels. Also after talking to other poultry keepers on various web sites, I found many other people in the same boat. After seeing a very old book with a hen wearing a saddle I searched the web and all the poultry magazines but could only find one supplier who wanted to charge 17.00 ( $30.00) a saddle! Not willing to pay that kind of price I decided to start making my own saddles, and it has taken off from there.

It is the claws and spurs of the cock bird which pull out the feathers on the hens backs making them sore and painful. As the photo below shows. They can also be used for birds which are being bullied and picked on. Preventing feather plucking on the backs.

I now make 4 basic sizes and will also make saddles to customers requirements. No saddle is too small or to large to make. I am in the process of making some a mere 4 inches long for some Seabright hens. Pictures of which I shall post here as soon as I can get them.


I am willing to make saddles for any type of bird. So don't be affraid to ask! Large or small.